Apple Music officially landed on LG smart TVs

The Apple Music app for LG smart TVs was launched to users today, and LG is now promoting the app on social media. The Apple Music app ($9.99/month) for LG Smart TVs allows users to stream more than 90 million songs, as well as playlists, radio stations, and music videos, without the need for any external hardware, such as Apple TV. The application also supports the real-time lyrics of Apple Music.

Apple Music user interface UI on LG TV seems to be visually very similar to the Apple Music app on Apple TV. The Apple Music app is now gradually being promoted to LG users, and there have been a large number of posts on Twitter showing the operation of the new app.

It is unclear which exact LG TV models support the Apple Music app, but it is more likely that models from the last few years will be supported. Users only need to search for "Apple Music" in the LG content store to know whether their TV will support the music service.

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