Apple pays a fine because technicians exhibited intimate photos of a client


One of the reasons many people prefer Apple devices over other brands is privacy. Over the years the company has implemented a number of functions that allow users to control their personal information. However, you are always prone to mistakes and unprofessional employees. This is the case of some technicians who disseminated intimate photos of a user who had her iPhone repaired, forcing the company to pay a significant fine.

According to information published by The Telegraph, Apple reached an agreement to pay a millionaire sum to a woman studying at the University of Oregon after two iPhone repair technicians, belonging to a major contractor called Pegatron Technology Service, in Sacramento, California, will post their explicit photos and a video online in 2016.

What happened is that the young woman sent her iPhone for repair in search of a solution to the problems that the device presented, but later she realized that the company's employees had entered her gallery and shared its content.

This is already a serious breach of the user's privacy, but the invasion was even more serious. The technicians not only entered her gallery but also published the explicit content through the young woman's own Facebook account, that is as if she had shared them herself.

Of course, the woman sought legal advice and her lawyers threatened to sue the company for an invasion of privacy and emotional trauma. However, before the case got bigger, Apple paid for the settlement.

Subsequently, Apple reportedly conducted a thorough investigation that led to both the monetary settlement and the firing of the two technicians. At the same time, it demanded confidentiality about the fact, citing concerns that the situation could cause "substantial commercial damage.

How was the claim made known?

The reason why the case was disclosed is that Apple claimed compensation from the service center at Pegatron, but the business's insurers have refused to cover the payment.

Now an Apple spokesperson confirmed the breach to Telegraph, saying the company took privacy extremely seriously and had safeguards to protect data during repairs. The tech giant also noted that it has continued to strengthen its rules for contractors since 2016, although it did not offer further details on the policies they have implemented.

It is not clear how much Apple paid exactly in the agreement, but it is said that it was several million dollars, after all the company does not want to be involved in a situation that makes it appear that they do not care enough about privacy.

However, it should be noted that the leak of the photos involved technicians outside of the direct control of the company and that the rules have already been adjusted with the intention that people can continue to trust that the repair facilities respect their privacy.

An Apple spokesperson said, we take the privacy and security of our customer's data very seriously and have several protocols in place to ensure that data is protected throughout the repair process. When we learn of this egregious violation of our policies at one of our vendors In 2016, we took immediate action and have since continued to strengthen our vendor protocols.


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