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Apple plans to double the number of the digital advertising staff

Apple plans to nearly double the number of employees in the digital advertising business. The report said that Apple's digital advertising staff currently has 250 people and plans to hire 216 more. Apple disputed the numbers but declined to elaborate further.

In April last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a media interview that the company "does not oppose digital advertising", but related privacy authorization requires user consent.

"We're not against digital advertising," Cook said. "I think digital advertising will thrive in any situation because more and more time is spent online and less and less time is spent on TV. Digital advertising is Will perform well in any case. The question is, does the ad include detailed user information without the user's consent?"

At present, Apple has displayed search ads in the App Store, allowing developers to pay to promote applications to users who search for relevant keywords. Apple also plans to display ads in the App Store's "Today" tab and a new "You might also like" area at the bottom of the app listing, along with banner ads in Apple's News and Stocks apps.

Bloomberg reporter Gurman previously said that Apple plans to significantly expand its advertising business over time. Apple's advertising division generates about $4 billion (about 27.36 billion yuan) in revenue each year, and Apple's advertising chief Todd Teresi hopes to raise this figure to at least $10 billion (about 68.4 billion yuan) per year. Apple plans to start next year. Start showing search ads in the iPhone's Maps app.


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