Apple provides tips for users on how to take special photos of your pet

Every year, Apple launches a campaign that focuses on some of the special features of the iPhone camera, and this year it is related to personal photos and those of pets, where the international photographer Jason Nocito participates in the campaign, where Nocito shared some tips on how to take better photos of your pets, here are those tips:

  • To help your pets attract attention and make eye contact, hold a squeaker or switch on top of the lens.

  • If you are shooting outdoors, place your subject under indirect light in front of a simple wall or background.

  • Place your pet in the center of the tire.

  • If you are having difficulty getting your pet into High-Key Light Mono mode, try shooting in some normal shots in portrait mode, and from there you can apply High-Key Light Mono mode in the post-shoot function.

  • Finally, pick up several different frames.

For the advertising campaign, the idea is to use High-Key Light Mono Portrait Lighting, presenting the themes in a humorous way, and the campaign will run globally in Out of Home (OOH) and digital OOH.

Through Apple Takeover, participants will learn how simple the camera functions on the iPhone are and how to create great photos like the ones in the campaign, from anywhere. Photography site.


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