Apple responds to secretly buying ads for third-party apps

In response to the "secret" news reported by the media about buying ads for subscription apps to increase the rake, Apple responded on Monday that this is a mischaracterization, and the developers are fully aware that Apple is advertising on their behalf. .

"Forbes" reported that Apple "secretly" or "secretly" advertised subscription apps to promote their products without the developer's consent, leading users to the App Store instead of the developer's own website , In order to allow users to subscribe through in-app purchases, thereby extracting 15% or 30% of the commission.

In response, Apple stated that the company has placed ads to promote its distributed apps for 5 years, and these ads are clearly marked as coming from the App Store .

Apple claims that this is a very standard business model, which is no different from retailers advertising the products they sell. Those who say that the company “secretly” or “secretly” do so without the developer’s knowledge or consent. Their allegation of buying ads is an obvious mischaracterization. On the contrary, Apple will regularly communicate with developers about the ads it puts, and many developers are grateful for this support .

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