Apple's premium podcasts are now available


Although they have been part of the content that can be offered and consumed on the internet for a long time, podcasts have recently managed to attract the attention of an increasing number of users. The business is also becoming more attractive and the big companies in between are looking for ways to make money. In that sense, Apple has announced the availability of its premium podcast service.

The company had already announced its intention to launch this option. Now, after a slight delay, Apple's podcast subscriptions are now available and, he said, will allow the user to access a variety of benefits from their favorite creators, including ad-free listening, early access to content, episodes. exclusives and the ability to access archived chapters.

Becoming a paid subscriber is very simple. The user simply has to click the subscribe button in the podcast app and sign up with their Apple ID details to receive premium content as it becomes available. The prices depend on the creator but in the United States they start at 49 cents a month, that is, about 10 pesos.

Apple initially said the feature would be available in 170 countries and regions starting in May, but halted the launch to fine-tune the experience. At last count, 2 million free shows can be found available today on the Podcasts app.

In addition to subscriptions, Apple is also introducing channels that allow publishers to bundle shows together with a unique logo, artwork, and description. Listeners will be able to browse free and paid channels, along with those that offer additional benefits for subscribers


It's worth saying that while Apple is credited with popularizing podcasts by supporting the episodic audio format in iTunes and offering authoring tools within GarageBand, the reality is that the company wasn't doing much with it, in fact. It took him more than 15 years to figure out how to make money from the programs. Meanwhile, its main music streaming rival, Spotify, has invested heavily in podcasts, including acquisitions and high-profile publisher partnerships, and is reportedly preparing a podcast subscription service of its own as well.

Apple's strategy, which was unveiled in April, isn't that different from its App Store business model for developers. Basically, the company charges a 30% commission on all podcast subscriptions, and the cut drops to 15% after a year of paid membership. In turn, creators can keep all of the ad revenue and continue to generate revenue outside of Apple Podcasts.

High fidelity music

Also in the area of ​​audio, for a few days, Apple has been offering a new function that allows its users to listen to thousands of songs with spatial audio technology and without loss in Apple Music without having to pay more.

In detail, Lossless Audio technology allows you to listen to music without loss of quality. Apple ensures that this option is available in more than 75 million songs. For this, the company has used a system called ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) which, it says, is capable of maintaining all the details of the original audio. The intention is that people can perceive the content as it was created in a recording studio, although it takes additional equipment to make it worthwhile.

On the other hand, Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos are functions to listen to music in a more immersive way. Apple shared that this option is compatible with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, as well as all headphones and audio equipment that include an H1 or W1 chip. At the moment it is only available on some albums by artists such as Ariana Grande or The Weeknd, although he stated that new albums and songs will be added later. You will be able to identify which are the options that have this tool because they will have a badge under the playback buttons.


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