Apple’s song search artifact Shazam 15.0 update

Shazam is a popular music recognition service acquired by Apple in 2018. Yesterday, it updated the iPhone and iPad apps to find more songs by analyzing the audio for a longer period of time before providing the results.

Shazam is a music app that allows users to recognize the corresponding song just by listening to the music being played around or on the device.

Shazam users can use the improved features by updating to version 15.0 of the app. On devices running iOS 14.2 or iPadOS 14.2 and later, Shazam also supports integration in the control center and Siri, but it is not clear whether the enhancements can be immediately obtained through this method.

WWDC in June this year, Apple announced that users have used Shazam to identify songs more than 1 billion times a month , and it has achieved more than 50 billion marks since its inception.

In 2002, Shazam was released as a short message service. Since then, the number of recognitions has continued to increase every year and achieved exponential growth in 2008-in that year, the Shazam App debuted and entered the newly launched Apple App Store.

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