Apple says it does not restrict "freedom of speech" on harassment issues

Former Apple engineer Cher Scarlett stated that although Apple stated to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter referred to as “SEC”) that “involving harassment, discrimination, and other illegal situations”, the company will not sign confidentiality agreements with employees, but it is clearly inconsistent in words and deeds. In response to shareholders’ related proposals, Apple once told the SEC, “The company’s policy is not to use confidentiality clauses.”

When Scarlett recently resigned from Apple, the company's lawyers restricted her from expressing this way: “After working at Apple for 18 months, I think it’s time to leave and pursue other opportunities.” Scarlett said, “I was shocked. In my opinion, as long as I don’t discredit Apple, I will say whatever I want.” She hinted that she was harassed by colleagues and threatened by the company.

On October 25, Scarlett filed a complaint with the SEC, expounding her own experience, and detailed the "false and misleading statements" Apple made to the SEC. Scarlett included a copy of Apple’s settlement agreement in the complaint, stating that Apple required her to “speak as a personal decision rather than dissatisfaction with the work environment”.

Scarlett said, "I know that the documents Apple provided to the SEC are lies, and I hope that Apple will be responsible for its own remarks." Because of the violation of the confidentiality agreement, Scarlett expects that she will not be able to get the remuneration paid by Apple under the confidentiality agreement.

Scarlett said, "Compared with making Apple accountable for its own words now, these remunerations that can only be obtained in a year are less important."

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