Apple should seize the opportunity to acquire Tesla

Cathie Wood, the founder of the investment company Ark Invest and known as the "Sister Mu", told CNBC that if the Model 3 mass production is difficult, it will be acquired. Tesla’s opportunity, Apple already "owns" the self-driving car market. She said, "We have been following Apple closely for many years because self-driving cars are the ultimate mobile device ."

Sister Mu said, “When there is an opportunity, Apple should buy Tesla. In this case, self-driving cars are Apple’s market. We are happy that Apple has not acquired Tesla.” Elon Musk 2020 In a tweet in December 2008, he stated that in the "darkest days of the Model 3 project", he had sold Tesla to Apple at a price of "10% of the current value" to contact Tim Cook, but Cook refused to meet with him. Today, Tesla has a market value of more than $1 trillion, making it the world's most valuable car company.

Ms. Mu also said that she believes that Musk’s sale of Tesla’s shares to cash out and pay the huge taxes related to the exercise of stock options “has no problem”.

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