Apple, Tesla supplier Delta: Strong demand for electric vehicles

Apple and Tesla supplier Delta Electric's investment in the electric vehicle business currently accounts for a small proportion of revenue, but the growth rate in recent years is amazing, and market legal persons are generally optimistic about Taiwan. Revenue of Delta Electric Vehicle Division.

Delta's electric vehicle segment revenue in 2020 is about NT$450 million (about 103 million yuan), but Delta pointed out that the demand for electric vehicles is strong and the growth rate is fast, and the demand for charging station construction will also increase simultaneously. It is expected to increase by another 50%. The market expects that by 2023, Delta's electric vehicle revenue will expand to at least NT$2 billion (about 456 million yuan).

It is reported that among the three core batteries, electronic controls, and motors of electric vehicles, Delta mainly focuses on electronic control and motors. And so on, there are car factory customers in mainland China, Europe, and Japan. In addition, Delta expects electric vehicles to grow by 40% to 50% in 2022.

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