Apple threatens to leave UK if forced to pay patent fine


Apple's legal representatives have warned the UK mobile market that they will close their operations in that country if a patent lawsuit proceeds demanding payment of $ 7 billion.

What comes out to account. This idea must be around the head of Apple's defense in a case that could abruptly cut its operations in that country, due to a lawsuit filed by Optis, a telecommunications company that requires the payment of 7 billion dollars for omission to pay patents in 3G and 4G technology.

In 2020, a Texas jury imposed a payment of $ 506 million on Apple in a process initiated by Optis for the use of patents on wireless networks used in the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. In that process, the company mentioned that Apple was offered a "global license" to use its patents. This same process has been initiated in the United Kingdom, under the same conditions.

The site This Is Money notes that this process has led to the radical position of Apple. Lawyers for the apple brand said they could exit the British market if the court forces them to pay a "commercially unacceptable fee" for the technology used in the iPhone.

Pay around the world

Apple has indicated that the radical action obeys a declaration of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom that indicated the possibility that the technology giant must pay worldwide for the use of that patent, not only on the island. The judge was understandably skeptical about the idea of Apple exiting the UK market, but the company's lawyer insisted it could.

"I'm not sure it's the right thing to do ... Apple's position is that it should be able to reflect on the terms and decide whether it is commercially correct to accept them or to leave the UK market," said Apple lawyer Marie Demetriou. "There may be terms set by the court that are simply commercially unacceptable."

Although it is an issue to be evaluated, this could generate the need for global legislation that prevents any company with patented technology for a country from having power over other technology companies. This mechanism of acquiring patents is usually associated with “troll” companies that only seek to sue clients capable of paying their demands for large sums of money.


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