Apple will allow you to see what personal data your apps use

Apple is planning to release an iOS update. Among the most anticipated tools is a control panel that will show the user all the data used by the applications on their smartphone. In this way, the Cupertino company seeks to fight against apps created by third parties that collect the personal data of its users without their consent. Apple says privacy will be one of the key topics at the WWDC 2021 virtual developer conference to be held on June 7.

During the event, the company could reveal some details of the new iOS 15 operating system. The update is expected to feature a new type of notification and a dark mode enhancement. We can also expect updates to some iPad apps running on Mac computers with an Apple Silicon chip. The Apple Watch, in turn, could get some improvement in its interface and its functions.

On April 26, Apple released the iOS 14.5 update to the public, which is a privacy policy change and allows users to prohibit applications from tracking their activities in other apps.

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