Apps Help Avoid Air Pollution Amidst Forest Fires

Air quality in the United States and Europe has improved in recent years. This is due to the strict environmental measures in these countries. At the present time, the world is suffering from a high rate of pollution again, and mobile applications play an important role in combating this danger.

And the strong fires that broke out in Western countries posed a threat to the purity of the air. The National Fire Center reported that as of August 8, there were 107 active burn operations that burned more than 2.2 million acres in 15 states.

In Europe, the situation is not better, as both Greece and Turkey suffer from severe fires, which in turn have caused an increase in temperatures and air pollution.

The role of applications in avoiding air pollution

Smartphone applications have played an important role in avoiding pollution from fires. Which is normal since they are devices that do not leave their users.

These applications help their users to know the level of air pollution in certain areas, and of course, users are interested in knowing the levels of pollution in their areas of residence, the residence of their families, or their work areas.

These applications rely on data coming from satellites operated by countries and specialized air quality measurement stations, as well as sensors operated by private sector companies working in areas related to air pollution, often on a voluntary basis.

The most popular and successful apps in this field, according to Jonathan Briskman, an app analyst at Sensor Tower, and according to ratings on app stores are:

  • AirCare

  • AirVisual

  • South Coast AQMD

AirCare Apps

It comes from a group of developers in North Macedonia. It is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as the Apple Watch.

The app can be used for free but with ads, or you can sign up for 99 cents to use it without ads. With another annual subscription, it costs $14.99. The application provides complete information about the cleanliness of the air, and its suitability for children, in addition to maps and graphs displaying the level of pollution.

AirVisual Apps

It comes from the development of Swiss air quality monitoring company IQAir. It is able to track pollution levels in 10,000 cities around the world in more than 80 countries. The app draws its data from thousands of sensors around the world.

The app is free and without ads for both iOS and Android. It also provides real-time tracking of the pollution level, along with a forecast of the pollution level over a 7 day period.

It is reported that this company offers products dedicated to measuring the level of pollution, including the AirVisual Pro, which is sold at a price of 269 US dollars.

South Coast AQMD. App

This application comes in two versions, paid and free. The app is operated by the local Southern California Air Pollution Control Agency. So it only tracks air pollution levels in limited areas of the USA, namely Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Bernardino.

You can download it on Android or iOS if you live in one of these areas. While the above applications are suitable for users in more countries of the world.

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