Arcade console to celebrate The Simpsons

In pop culture, there are great classics that bring together several generations. Video games and series can unite millions of people, and soon to celebrate one of the most storied shows, an arcade console of The Simpsons will go on sale.

For some years now, arcade consoles have become an object of desire for many. In the houses or offices, the moments that were spent in front of the screen are remembered when they went for the tortillas. And there are more and more models available.

The cabinets game Arcade1Up has quickly become a favorite object for fans of retro games and collectors of pop culture. And now they are about to launch a version that will surely delight many.

Exactly how you remember it from the early '90s, you'll be able to play as Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa, taking on a multitude of Springfield's wide cast of characters in a title that allows up to four simultaneous players.

Arcade1Up has introduced a retro cabinet that faithfully recreates the arcade game The Simpsons and also the title Bowling The Simpsons as it was played 30 years ago, only without the need for a stack of coins to have fun.

Pre-orders for this version begin on August 16. Arcade1Up has not mentioned a price, although the Turtles in Time cabinet that is similar to what they will present from The Simpsons has a price of 650 dollars, that is about 13 thousand pesos, so it could be a reference point.

Some facts about The Simpsons

The International Day of The Simpsons is celebrated on April 19 each year. It arose thanks to the initiative of the Spanish communication agency PG Garaje, which in 2017 decided to collect signatures on the portal to reserve that date and dedicate it to the series.

Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa first appeared as a comic strip "The Tracey Ullman Show" on April 19, 1987, and was made serialized by Matt Groening and producer James L. Brooks two years later.

Matt Groening used the names of his family members for the main characters in the series. The only one he didn't use was his, so he replaced it with Bart. It is one of the few series that can boast more than 170 awards and recognition on the Guinness World Record List.

In addition, the city of Springfield has been visited by multiple historical figures and celebrities, from politicians and opinion leaders to athletes and actors, such as Elton John, Britney Spears, J. K Rowling or Elon Musk, among many others. They have also made references to many films such as Pulp fiction, Psycho, or A Clockwork Orange. The yellow color of the characters is no accident. It was chosen like this so that it would attract the attention of people and they would stay to see it.

In 2007 they released their own feature film: The Simpsons The Movie. Since 2000 they have had their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The character of El Hombre Bumblebee is said to be based on the Chapulín Colorado. The series was named by Time magazine as the best television show of the 20th century.

Despite being animated, for years it was the most expensive half-hour series on television. So much so that, in season 23, Fox thought about canceling it.

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