ARES names Super Leggera the world's lightest electric bike

Italian design firm ARES has unveiled the ARES Super Leggera electric bike, which it claims is the lightest e-bike in the world. The 9kg electric road bike is manufactured in partnership with the engineering company High-Performance Systems (HPS). The joint development lasted for two years. The bike is powered by a 200W motor, which is comparable to the power that the average person can generate from pedaling, so HPS's Watt Assist electric drive system is positioned as an auxiliary power system to assist on uphills.

To reduce weight, ARES designed an ultra-light frame and other components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. They also responded to the design of the vehicle.

The source cites examples of other electric bicycles that may well rival the Super Leggera for the lightest, so, as is usual in such cases, the manufacturer's words should be taken with caution. If they do correspond to reality, then only under certain conditions that limit the category in which the comparison is made.

It remains to add that the Super Leggera costs 18,950 euros

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