Audi Q6 e-tron: The cousin of the future Porsche Macan, intercepted


After launching the e-tron and Q4 e-tron, Audi is preparing a third member for its new family of electric SUVs that will employ the new PPE architecture of the e-tron GT, Taycan, and also the one that will shape the new electric SUV of Porsche

Beyond the famous MEB architecture of the Volkswagen Group for electric models, another of the big names that are shaping the present and future of the range of the group's brands, especially within Audi and Porsche, is the new Premium Platform Electric architecture. (PPE) .

The pair of four-door coupes Porsche Taycan / Audi e-tron GT has emerged from it, and other future models will also come from it, such as the future 100% electric Porsche Macan, but also a third electric SUV for Audi that will be located right between the flagship Audi e-tron and the new Q4 e-tron . Its name is the Audi Q6 e-tron , and its existence and launch was confirmed by Audi's own CEO, Markus Duessman. Now we can also see it for the first time in person thanks to the photos offered by our Car and Driver spies.

A very sporty electric SUV

As we say it will be a kind of the first cousin of the new 100% electric Porsche Macan, which is expected to arrive a few months before this new Audi. Both will use the new PPE platform for large premium models, both coupes and SUVs.

At the aesthetic level, we can already see a model with a format quite similar to the original e-tron, although with a more dynamic point, with a more curved nose and more stylized headlights, a gently sloping roofline.

It is also expected that this new platform will allow it to offer greater performance than that of its combustion counterpart, the Audi Q5 -which is still unknown if it will coexist with this model or will disappear to leave all its space-. In fact, it is expected that a variant RS Q6 e-tron will not miss the appointment that according to what is pointed out could arrive with 560 CV of power to all four wheels. This PPE platform will also allow counting torque vectoring and rear-axle steering that MEB architecture models cannot enjoy. In addition, there will also be an 800-volt charging system that will allow it to reach charging speeds of 350 kW, while its autonomy is expected to exceed 500 km.

Premiere in 2022

According to those responsible for Audi, this Q6 e-tron could be the most important Audi that will use this PPE platform, and although its launch is set for 2022, it is unknown in what period it will do so. We will be attentive to discover new details of this third member of the new Q e-tron family from Audi.

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