Audi RS 6 Johann Abt Signature Edition: 800 hp to celebrate 125 years of ABT


ABT Sportsline pays tribute to its founder for its 125th Anniversary with its most ambitious creation, born on the basis of the Audi RS 6 and limited to 64 units. As we already discovered at the beginning of the year ABT Sportline celebrates in this 2021 no less than 125 years of history, and on such an anniversary it was to be expected that the German company would prepare something really special. The ABT RSQ8-R with its 740 hp and 920 Nm of torque was a juicy first appetizer, but the true tribute to ABT's long history now comes with this new Audi RS 6 that is called the Johann Abt Signature Edition, in honor of the founder of the company.

ABT's most exclusive masterpiece in 125 years

It will be, in the words of ABT itself, the most exclusive masterpiece it has ever created, and this special edition will be limited to 64 units, one for each year of life of that blacksmith from Kempten, Germany, who started in 1896 to which he would be the high-end preparer specialized in Audi models and the rest of the world's largest Volkswagen Group.

These references to the brand's past are present throughout the interior, with different emblems and details that show the signature of Johann Abt himself or that show that year 1896 in which it all began, in addition to the serial number of the unit. However, among all the special details on this car, there is none like the fragment of the founder's original anvil, with which he shaped his first creations. Each of the 64 copies of this Johann Abt Signature Edition keeps a small piece of that tool in a small capsule on the center console.

Up to 800 hp

However, this version that acts as the successor to the ABT RS6 R, something that is seen from the beginning in its aggressive aesthetics, not only stands out for the exclusive details but also and once again for its improved performance. On this occasion, the people of ABT have taken the Audi RS 6 up to 800 hp and 980 Nm although a peak of 1,000 Nm can be reached. Once again this 200 extra hp compared to the series version is provided by ABT Engine Control, which is also accompanied by a new intercooler and an additional oil cooling system. With these ingredients, the RS 6 Johann Abt Signature Edition is now presented with an impressive 0 to 100 km / h in 2.91 seconds and a 0 to 200 in9.79 seconds, while its maximum speed reaches 330 km / h.

This wild performance can be managed through the new ABT application and its three driving modes ECO, POWER, and RACE, which allow regulating power. However, ABT has also improved other parts of the car beyond the engine, such as a suspension that now receives new

ABT threaded suspension springs and sports stabilizers, in addition to of course an aggressive aerodynamic kit with the parts sporting a curious carbon fiber finish in red and black known as Signature Carbon Red.

The finish is made by new 22-inch forged wheels that save 3.5 kg in weight compared to other standard wheels, and also a new ABT exhaust system with four 102 mm stainless steel outlets and a matte black finish. As we say ABT will only build 64 units of this Audi RS 6 Johann Abt Signature Edition whose price, at least for the moment is a mystery, although given its exclusivity it will easily exceed what is seen in other high-caliber ABT models such as the Audi RS7- R or RS4-R.

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