Audi RS 7 by Wheelsandmore: Above 1,000 hp

When someone decides to buy an Audi RS 7, they do not have to think about modifying it since the sports saloon with the four rings offers very high performance and its aesthetics allow it to differentiate itself from the normal versions. However, we already know the demanding taste of some customers who choose to go to the facilities of level trainers like Wheelsandmore to work their magic and completely transform their vehicle. With his most recent work, the German specialist has once again surprised us and it is no wonder.

Different levels

We say this because everyone who has an Audi RS 7 can now have up to five different power packages , depending on their preferences and the budget they are willing to spend, of course. From the first level, the preparer already makes his intentions very clear since the most basic update already provides an extra 100 horsepower over the well-known 4.0-liter V8 block that the saloon mounts, a propellant that is accompanied by a mild-hybrid system 48 volts.

But of course, if you add components you will find exorbitant figures as a result of the presence of larger turbochargers, an optimized ECU, improved intake system, less restrictive exhaust line and other relevant modifications. The end result of uniting all the ingredients proposed by this specialist is impressive… 1,045 horsepower! Of course, the transmission has had to be optimized and the same happens with the engine oil, coming directly from the world of competition.

More attractive

We do not know how fast the RS 7 Sportback is now after receiving all these vitamins, but as standard, it takes 3.6 seconds to reach 100 km / h. What we are sure of is that it will not leave anyone indifferent, even more so when it displays a purple paint as striking as the one in the images and that is that the client will not only be able to choose the tonality for the body, but also the finish. and 22-inch wheel designs from Wheelsandmore. These are accompanied by tires measuring 285/30 R22 on both axles, as this car is a Quattro all-wheel drive.

The final touch comes from the hand of lowered springs from the manufacturer KW, who also offers a Coilover type suspension, although this is not suitable for the models with air springs. The price for all these ingredients exceeds 30,000 euros.

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