Audi Skysphere concept: Everything is transformed


It is called the Audi Skysphere concept and it is the spearhead of a new family of prototypes from the house of Ingolstadt that promises to give a lot to talk about in the near future. Together with the UrbanSphere and GrandSphere, this Skysphere concept reveals the characteristics that future models of the brand will have, provided with a series of innovative elements with which to completely transform the driving experience, fully immersed in the era of the electric car, autonomous and connected.

Services such as streaming audio/video, meditation, or other wellness techniques, come to the vehicle to stay, all to fill the senses and enter a level of comfort never before explored. The one allowed by cars created to drive only when we consider it necessary.

Features of the Audi Skysphere concept

This two-door convertible with an antagonistic opening and 100% electric propulsion represent the concept of the luxury vehicle of tomorrow for Audi: an interactive space designed to live pleasant experiences for all the senses, thanks to the digital atmosphere and above all, to autonomous driving.

The Audi Skysphere concept combines the qualities of a comfortable Gran Turismo with those of a pure hard sports car, thanks to a unique quality: its variable wheelbase. Electric motors activate a sophisticated system that allows the length of the chassis and body of the car to be lengthened or reduced by a total of 25 centimeters, while as in current cars, the air suspension can be raised or lowered by 10 millimeters to favor comfort or dynamism.

The rims are 23 inches in diameter and fit large 285/30 tires

The driver only has to press a button for this large 2.00-meter wide convertible to transform its length of 5.19 meters and become a sporty roadster of 4.94 meters long, with the benefits that this implies. In this sporty driving mode, this Audi concept offers benefits such as the steering wheels on the rear axle and above all, a cockpit with the steering wheel, pedals, and other controls that are normally hidden to favor the feeling of space and relaxation that the car presents. interior of the Skysphere in standalone mode.

In Sport mode it transforms into a sensation machine: the steering wheel unfolds from below, the screen rises towards the driver, the passenger seat goes backward and the driver's seat goes forward. The rear of the cabin is also transformed, to offer a dual personality hitherto unthinkable in a vehicle.

An equally reconfigurable interior

This autonomous two-seater has been designed to offer a unique travel experience thanks to its long wheelbase, its majestic presence, and the suspension comfort that it is provided with. However, the best thing about this Audi moving sculpture is the digitization it includes, designed to offer the driver levels of freedom and pleasant experiences never seen before.

"Passengers can share their experiences on the road through social media, with pictures of the interior and the surrounding area. The vehicle also takes care of everyday tasks that go beyond driving itself. For example, the car provides it provides passengers with information about their destination and independently manages both parking and recharging. The possibilities are practically endless. ", sentence Audi.

Technical details of the Audi Skysphere concept

Some mechanical organs travel between the front axle and the windshield of this peculiar roadster but they do not prevent it from offering a spacious trunk with room for up to two golf bags, specially designed for the concept car.

The electric motor travels in the rear center position and drives the wheels on this axle through a direct drive. Specifically, it delivers 465 kW (632 hp) and a maximum torque of 750 Nm, more than enough energy to power a 1,800-kilo car at high speed. Thus, the Skysphere concept accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds and thanks to a 40/60 weight distribution between the front and rear axles, it ensures great driving dynamics.

The battery modules are located mainly at the rear and the rest, between the seats. The battery of more than 80 kWh, guarantees a range of more than 500 kilometers, according to the WLTP standard.

The importance of design

Designed entirely in the center of Malibu (USA), the Audi Skysphere will debut there, on August 13 at the Peeble Beach Festival. Of course, the aesthetics of this model is another of its most significant characteristics, as Marc Lichte himself, the brand's chief designer, considers it a modern reinterpretation of the original concept of gran turismo: the Horch 853.

Among the most significant elements that it includes, the new single-frame grille stands out, which becomes a "transparent jewel", that is, a device that serves information to other cars to know if we are driving in autonomous mode, with appropriate battery status, etc. The side, inspired by nautical is also relevant and includes antagonistic opening doors to access an interior without controls with greater comfort.

"It is like walking into a living room and inside, ecological materials such as microfiber upholstery attract attention, " says the brand. The rear with an undeniable speedster style is equally slim and striking.

Both this Skysphere and the Urbansphere and Grandsphere are designed for level 4 autonomous driving, that is, in certain defined road and traffic situations, the driver does not have to intervene and can delegate all responsibility for driving to the car. Undoubtedly, this situation will cause a real revolution in the car, the one anticipated by these three concepts in the case of Audi.

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