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August sales of BYD Qin PLUS vehicles reached a new high of 35,689 units

BYD Auto officially announced the August sales of Qin PLUS, which reached a new high of 35,689 units, and the cumulative sales reached 368,190 units. BYD sold 174,915 new energy vehicles in August, compared with 61,409 in the same period last year. BYD's cumulative sales in the first eight months were 983,844 units, a year-on-year increase of 164.03%. The Qin family sold 39,512 vehicles in August, with a cumulative sales of over 720,000 vehicles. The Qin PLUS DM-i increased by 85.9% year on year.

According to the July sales share of new energy cars announced by the Passenger Federation, the retail sales of BYD Qin were 33,933 units, ranking second only to Wuling Hongguang MINI.

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