Automatic subtitles appeared on VKontakte

The team of the VKontakte social network announced the launch of a new convenient function for users - automatic subtitles in Russian appeared in the video player.

The function is implemented on the basis of proprietary technologies of the social network for speech recognition, machine learning algorithms of the unified video platform "VK Video" and intelligent noise reduction technologies of the unified video call platform.

he system automatically generates text, places punctuation marks and capital letters, distributes the text in frames. According to the developers, accurate subtitles appear right at the moment of pronouncing the phrase.

Representatives of VKontakte explain:

Unlike existing solutions on the market, VKontakte technology is able to put punctuation marks and capital letters in subtitles, and in the near future it will learn to divide the speech of speakers into different remarks. All this greatly improves the clarity of the transcript and makes it easier to read while watching the video.

Subtitling technology is currently being finalized. In experimental mode, subtitles are available to parts of the audience in popular videos and videos from verified communities in the web version and the VKontakte mobile application.

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