AutoNavi map traffic light countdown function officially launched

AutoNavi announced today that AutoNavi’s traffic light countdown function has been officially launched, which can calculate the red light countdown in real-time and the rounds to wait. Currently, it has supported nearly 240 cities across the country, with more than 80,000 users. an intersection.

When waiting for a red light at an intersection, there is nothing you can do when faced with a queue of vehicles that you can’t see your head in; overwhelmed...

Now, users can see the AutoNavi Maps App when they are waiting for red lights in the straight lanes of some intersections while driving (including but not limited to trucks, new energy, Carplay, HiCar...) using AutoNavi Maps for navigation. A red light countdown is automatically displayed on the

In addition, when there are about 5 seconds left in the red light timer, AutoNavi will also remind the user through voice to prepare for the vehicle to start.

When there are many vehicles waiting for the red light at an intersection, and one round of traffic light switching is not enough for the user to pass the intersection, the AutoNavi Map App displays the specific number of red lights that need to wait.

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