"AVA Battlefield King" announced that it will open beta test on Steam on November 26

"AVA Battlefield King" was previously represented by Tencent in mainland China and announced that it would cease operations in September 2019.

Recently, NEOWIZ, the global publisher of "AVA Battlefield", announced that the game will open beta on Steam on November 26. Players can go to the Steam page to apply.

This test of "AVA Battlefield King" decided to open three servers to satisfy the player's experience, including servers in Europe, America, and Asia. Registration will remain open until the game’s closed beta.

Game arms: When facing the enemy, each type of arm has advantages and disadvantages. Players can choose different units and get skills.

Scout: Fast-moving scouts can fight the enemy at close range. The main task is reconnaissance, suitable for attacking the enemy's back. The scouts are equipped with submachine guns to traverse the enemy's line of defense.

Rifleman: The rifleman is equipped with an assault rifle, good body armor, and throwable items-as important people. Riflemen can deal with any situation. This role is very flexible on the scene, using multiple strategies.

Sniper: The sniper specializes in fighting and protecting teammates from long distances. Effective long-distance operations can help the line of defense.

Mode/Map: The game will have different modes and more than 30 maps. You can play various modes of your choice with your friends.

  • Annihilation:- TDM rules, both teams destroy each other, and score points after successfully killing each other, and the team that reaches the target first or the highest wins. This mode also has a personal battle other than yourself.

  • Demolition:- NRF team must survive and destroy all EU enemy teams or disarm C4 bombs. EU teams must successfully install and detonate bombs or destroy all NRF enemy teams.

  • Chariot/Occupy:- NRF team must use RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) to destroy enemy tanks being escorted. The EU team must escort the tank to the location. The damaged tank must be repaired by the EU team before continuing to drive.

  • AI Cooperation:- A group of EU players will fight against the AI-NRF enemy.

  • Occupy:- Two teams will compete to occupy the target. The team that reaches the score first or when the score is the same, the team that controls the target will win.

  • Escape:- The EU team will advance towards the ship and escape. The NRF team must prevent the EU team from escaping.

Weapon customization:- The weapon customization system will allow you to create the weapons you want. In order to meet the combat needs of your comrades, you can choose different equipment. Customized parts include sights, scopes, barrels, bullets, grenade launchers, silencers, laser pointers, etc.

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