AvtoVAZ has suspended the production of cars

As it became known, the automobile company AvtoVAZ has been suspending the production of cars in Togliatti since 23 August. Problems with the supply of electronic components from Bosch are cited as the reason.

AvtoVAZ is forced to change its production schedule for the workweek starting on 23 August. Due to the ongoing shortage in the supply of electronic components from Bosch, all three vehicle production lines at the Togliatti plant will be shut down throughout the week.

It was also announced that three out of five days next week will be declared vacation days, which will be carried over from December. The remaining two working days will be paid at 2/3 of the average salary so that employees do not feel too much of a suspension of work on the final salary.

At the beginning of this week, AvtoVAZ employees came out of their planned corporate vacation, which began on July 26. However, a shortage of electronic components supplied by Bosch Samara forced management to restrict production this week and suspend production next week.

From August 16 to August 20, AvtoVAZ suspended the production of Lada Granta models, Lada Niva models are produced in limited quantities, and the line for the production of Lada Largus, Xray, Renault Logan, and Sandero operated only on August 18 and 19.

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