AvtoVAZ will start producing electric vehicles in 6-7 years

AvtoVAZ will start production of electric Lada models only in 2027–2028. AvtoVAZ President Nicolas Maure told reporters about this at the Moscow International Automotive Forum.

Nicolas More literally stated the following:

We hope that Lada will start producing electric vehicles in 2027–2028. These are the plans that we will discuss with the government, how this can be implemented. "

At the moment, AvtoVAZ maintains a leading position among automakers in Russia. Mohr previously reported that the production of electric vehicles requires government support.

The Russian government recently adopted a concept for the development of electric vehicles in Russia. The concept assumes an increase in the share of electric vehicles to 10% of the total production in Russia and the opening of more than 9 thousand charging stations.

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