Baidu appoints He Mingke as senior vice president of the group

Baidu announced that He Mingke will serve as the senior vice president of the group, responsible for smart medical and health-related businesses, and report to CEO Robin Li.

According to public information, He Mingke worked in 58 Group from 2015 to 2021 and served as the co-president of 58 Group. He Mingke also worked in companies such as Boston Consulting Group and Softbank SAIF. In 2001, He Mingke obtained a bachelor's degree in Automation Engineering from Tsinghua University. In 2008, he received an MBA from Stanford University.

It is reported that He Mingke will be responsible for smart medical and health-related businesses after joining. Based on Baidu's AI capabilities, Baidu Smart Healthcare provides integrated solutions such as clinical decision-making assistance, fundus screening, smart medical records, chronic disease management, and medical big data services. Baidu Health has attracted more than 300,000 professional doctors to settle in, satisfying more than 200 million medical and health search requests every day.

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