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Baidu Maps Lane-Level Navigation Expands to 13 New Cities

Baidu Maps today announced that its lane-level navigation feature has been expanded to 13 new cities, including Qingdao and Wuhan. This brings the total number of cities covered by lane-level navigation to over 100 by the end of 2023.

Lane-level navigation is a feature that provides drivers with real-time guidance with voice and image, recommending the best lane to take based on current traffic conditions. It also uses 3D stereo vision technology to optimize scene-level rendering in tunnels and elevated roads.

The expansion of lane-level navigation to 13 new cities is part of Baidu Maps’ broader effort to provide users with more intelligent and convenient travel services. The company recently launched version 19.0.0 of its Baidu Map App, which includes a new “AI wizard” function that allows users to awaken hidden objects in the map through natural language dialogue.

“We are committed to providing our users with the best possible travel experience,” said Shang Guobin, vice president of Baidu. “Lane-level navigation and the AI wizard are just two of the many ways we are using AI to make Baidu Maps more intelligent and helpful.”

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