Baidu Netdisk: How to cancel the account, what to do if the file prompts violation?

According to the official introduction, Baidu Netdisk is a super cloud storage product that has provided cloud services to more than 700 million users. It has a large space and supports the backup, sharing, viewing, and processing of multiple types of files. Self-built multiple data storage centers to support sharing files with others or online operations on files.

The official Baidu Netdisk compiled some common questions today and answered them in a concentrated manner. Including how to cancel the account? What should I do if there is a file when I cannot log out? What should I do if the file prompts violations? How do I receive benefits when purchasing a joint member?

How to cancel the account?

The Baidu account cancellation process is as follows:

  • If your account can log in normally, the logout method is: Log in to your account in any Baidu app on the mobile phone and click [Settings]-[Account Management]-[Account]-[Account Logout]. The system will prompt you to cancel the risk, you need to confirm the abandonment of the corresponding rights, and it will show whether you can cancel according to the account situation.

  • If you are unable to log in due to reasons such as forgetting your password or not using your mobile phone number, please file an appeal to retrieve your account. After logging in normally, you can log out according to the above steps.

  • If you cannot log off due to the existence of data on Baidu's products during the logoff process, you can follow the instructions and contact the corresponding product. If you meet the logout conditions, click Next as prompted, and you can log out after verifying that the account is bound to a mobile phone or manually swiping your face for verification.

Reminder: After logging out, the account will be permanently logged out and cannot be restored; and the bound email address, mobile phone, real-name information, etc. will be released, and you cannot continue to log in to the account. If you need to use Baidu account services again, you can use your mobile phone No. re-register.

What should I do if there is a file when I cannot log out?

Your web disk has backups of SMS, address book, or call records, please use your computer to copy

Link to log in and enter [More]-[Address Book/Call History/SMS] to delete and empty the corresponding recycle bin, and then log out.

If you encounter specific problems with the product line, it is recommended that you consult and feedback on the corresponding product line.

What should I do if the file prompts violations?

If the file cannot be viewed, shared, or downloaded due to violation of the rules and blocked, you can select the single file-[More]-[! ]-[Go to Appeal], give online feedback. After we receive the relevant feedback, we will have someone to deal with it as soon as possible.

How do I receive benefits when purchasing a joint member?

When purchasing a Baidu online disk super member product, if you check the premium welfare member and pay successfully, you can receive it on the payment success page or the online disk App-[My]-[Level Upgrade]-[My Assets]. The validity period of the claim is 30 days from the date of the successful purchase. It is not possible to claim after the expiration date. Please claim the rights as soon as possible.

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