Bailiffs unsuccessfully visited the company's Moscow office

According to Mash, Google's Moscow office was visited by bailiffs who planned to collect fines, but the office turned out to be practically empty.

The bailiffs were met by one employee at the reception, who, at the request of the employees, called the company's lawyer. The latter explained that the head of the company is outside the country due to the pandemic, and also added that the office of the limited liability company Google is located in this building, and Google LLC is registered in the United States and, according to the Federal Tax Service, has no branches in Russia.

Earlier, the magistrate's court fined Google a total of 32.5 million rubles for three refusals to delete prohibited information, as well as for refusing to delete a video, which was considered interference in the Russian elections.

Interestingly, the official Google website directly states that the company's office in Moscow is located at 7, Balchuga. Actually, the bailiffs came to this address. And, although the lawyer claims that Google LLC has nothing to do with it, this LLC earned about 85 billion rubles in Russia last year alone.

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