Battlefield 2042 is one of the worst-rated games on Steam

The release of the expected Battlefield 2042 caused a stir among the people, but with exceptions in the wrong sense But the biggest fans of the game were far from so lenient to some aspects.

This is evidenced in particular by the current situation in Steam, for example, where the game is among the top ten rated games on the entire platform, at the time of writing an article with a rating of 26% out of 36,211 reviews, of which approximately 9.5 thousand are positive (thumbs up). ) and the rest negative (with the thumb down).

Battlefield 2042 is located on Steam next to titles such as Sacred 3, GODUS, FlatOut 3, Umbrella Corps, NBA 2K18, or of course another gem of this year - eFootball 2022.

And what do players complain about? Basically everything. And also to everything we mentioned in our review. The list of negatives includes poor optimization, lack of content, boring maps, a lot of missing options (starting with the scoreboard and ending with other game modes), a bad soundtrack, a non-fun system of specialists, and the like. The general consensus seems to be that the game is simply unfinished in every respect.

We can also see similar negative evaluations, for example, at Metacritic, where the user score according to the platform is around 2.3 to 3.1. And of course, Reddit is overwhelmed by countless negative threads.

At the expense of many technical problems, various videos have been made on the Internet showing the current state of the game. Like the one below.

So, as mentioned in our review, it seems that only Halo Infinite is well on its way to becoming a successful and popular multiplayer shooter for this year. Especially in combination with the announcement that the game has reached the so-called golden status, which means that it is officially ready and fully ready for release on December 8 / December, when we will see a paid campaign and free multiplayer.

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