Battlefield 2042 postponed

The day before, thanks to his sources, this was predicted by gaming journalist Jeff Grubb, to which the stock market immediately responded with a drop in EA shares by two billion (or 6%, however, once the company issued an announcement, the shares recovered by 3%, ). Now it has come true. According to the official statement, the reason is difficult development due to pandemic measures, which in combination with the complexity and scope of the game prevented the development team from spending enough time together in preparation for the launch of the game.

The new release date is November 19.

The Open Beta was also to take place this month, in which players were to be given the opportunity to try out the game in advance. The official report only mentions that we will find out the details of this Beta later this month. Jeff Grubb stated that not only may Beta be postponed, but that the new November date of the game may not actually catch up. As a reminder, the competitive Call of Duty: Vanguard will be released on November 5th.

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