Battlefield 2042 thinks of fans of the saga and will bring back some much-loved classic maps


There are still two weeks until EA Play Live 2021 takes place and one of the most anticipated titles of the presentation is Battlefield 2042. The next installment of DICE's war saga was presented in style last month, betting on modern warfare with futuristic elements. And while this installment will take us until the year 2042, there will be time to look back and remember our best moments with Battlefield. What do we mean? As rumored for a few days now, DICE confirms that Battlefield 2042 will bring back some classic maps much loved by fans.

On the occasion of last night's EA Spotlight - this series of talk shows and interviews leading up to EA Play Live - Ripple Effect Studios CEO Christian Grass has confirmed the rumors. For those who don't recognize the study, Ripple Effect is the new name for DICE LA. Well, during his participation in the talk, Grass commented the following, transcribed by MP1ST:

"I can't say too much about this, but what I can comment on is that one of the components of this experience that we are creating is that we are going to add back some of the fan-favorite maps in Battlefield 2042, but [to know] the actual experience, you'll have to wait a little longer before we show it. " Recent rumors spoke not only of the return of classic maps, but of the introduction of a Battlefield "hub," a sort of meeting point that brings together classic maps, weapons from previous installments, and other items.

While the latter will remain a rumor as long as there is no announcement, Grass's words make it clear: we will have some of the fan-favorite maps back. What maps would you like to see back to you? We remind you that Battlefield 2042 will be available on October 22 , and that we could already see an extensive gameplay demo of the game during E3 2021.

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