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Did you heard about a company name BBK Electronics. This company is famous in the world. They are world's largest smartphone manufacture followed by Samsung. Difficult to believe it I am right. Yes it is. Then if they are world's largest smartphone manufacture then why i didn't heard or see their products. That's not true because they are manufacturing smartphones in different names like VIVO, OPPO, OnePlus, IQOO, Realme. Difficult to believe it that's true these famous companies are originally owned by BBK Electronics. The company is known as BBK Electronics Corporation. It is a Chinese multinational firm existed in different parts of the world and a major competitor of Samsung. They have created different brand names and most of the customers are difficult to find out all these are from same parent company. BBK Electronics commonly specializing in electronics to manufacture such as television sets, MP3 players, digital cameras and smartphones.

The company famous in Belarus, Russia. In the year 2000 company entered in Russia market and in the year 2003 the company opened a office in Moscow. Today the company claims that they have become one of the major leader in Russia's largest electronics manufacturer leader and every third Russian family homes owns BBK produced atleast one device in Russia. Currently BBK have more than 300 service centers in Russia. The company in Russia known as Trade House BBK LLC. All BBK equipment, which can be purchased in Russia and the CIS countries is developed and produced specifically for consumers in these countries.

In 2017 Q1 BBK Electronics successfully overtake Huawei and Apple and reached the second position of world's largest smartphone manufacture. These company become highest tax payers in Chang'an. BBK Electronics is leading in Korean and Russian design bureaus, its products meet all modern design trends and fit perfectly into any interior, providing additional comfort to the user.

The BBK Electronics Unified Information Center operates to support consumers. Anyone who has questions related to the purchase or use of the company's products can contact a representative of the center. Also, an online support service has been launched on their website for those who are more comfortable communicating with consultants in writing via chat, the information center specialists process requests online.

The company aims innovation, high quality products at reasonable price, extended functionality, Availability, Quality and low price. The company now owns factories spread over 10 hectares of land and more than 17,000 employees. BBK Electronics in India has the largest market share of 45% (Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme).

BBK Electronics HeadQuaters: - Chang'an, Dongguan
Established:- 1998
Address:- 23 Bubugao Avenue, Wusha Village, Chang'an Dist, Dongguan, 523860 China
Official Website:- BBK Electronics

BBK Electronics shipped more than 250 million units and grabbed a sizeable 18% global market share in the last quarter of 2019. Currently, BBK is working on improving its smartphone lineup and involved in the Research and Development for the next-generation 5G network for smartphones.

The Brand Crore Values in their products

Our products are stylish! We are inspired by modern designs. We cooperate with leading design companies so that BBK's products reflect modern trends.

Our products are easy to use! Simple and intuitive controls are implemented with the help of ln'Ergo, a user-friendly interface developed by BBK. BBK products come with ultramodern ergonomic remote controls, which are conceived in a practical style. Such features aim to enhance the final user experience.

Our products are optimized in their functionality as all the necessary functions are taken into account at the development stage. We monitor developments in technological innovation and our engineers do their best to keep our product line up-to-date.

Our products are reliable! We pride ourselves on the quality of our products. We are confident in our offering, and therefore provide user warranties on all products.

BBK Electronics collaborates with world leaders in electronics manufacturing. such as RealTek. MediaTek Sigma. M-Star. and Ali Corporation. BBK makes use of their vast experience in the production of modern and reliable chipsets to create high quality electronic products. BBK makes use Android software from tech giant Google.

National prize "Gold Disk"

BBK Electronics company has won the "Best low-priced DVD-player" award 4 times.

International competition Brand of the Year/EFFlE

  • In 2006, the BBK brand was awarded the silver prize for "Consumer Electronics".

  • In 2008. BBK Electronics was awarded the bronze prize for its marketing strategy in the MP4 Flash-players category.

All-Russian competition "Narodnaya marka"

In 2007, BBK Electronics was the winner in the DVD-players category. For the first time in the competition's history (the competition was first organized in 1998) a Chinese brand was named "W Brand in Russia". Since then. BBK Electronics has won the award multiple times.

National award "Product of the Year"

Awarded the "Product of the Year 2012" award in the portable DVD player category.

Brand Development and History

  • 2000 - the first deliveries of BBK DVD-players to Russia in

  • 2002. - the beginning of product deliveries to Ukraine in

  • 2003. - delivery of products to Latvia, Moldova, Estonia in

  • 2004. - BBK service center was organized in

  • 2004. - began deliveries to Kazakhstan and Belarus in

  • 2004. - opening of the BBK information center in

  • 2005. - launched a new product category - LCD TVs

  • 2005. - a proprietary development of KARAOKE MIX ™ was presented, which allows holding team song competitions in

  • 2006. - achieving a leading position in the Russian market in the category of DVD equipment

  • 2006 - Development, together with A. Lebedev's studio, of the In`Ergo interface for DVD-equipment BBK

  • 2006. - Silver award in the category "Consumer Electronics" (International Competition Brand of the Year / EFFIE)

  • 2007. - BBK ranks fifth in the Russian market for sales of LCD TVs in

  • 2007. - Bronze award for marketing strategy in the category of MP4 Flash-players (International Competition Brand of the Year / EFFIE)

  • 2007. - "BRAND No. 1 IN RUSSIA" in the category DVD-players (National award "People's Brand")

  • 2008. - KARAOKE ++ TM system was introduced into BBK DVD-players, allowing you to give a point assessment of the performance from any karaoke DVD-disc of

  • 2009. - a full line of BBK LCD TVs from 10 to 47 inches in 2009 is presented on the Russian market, A new product category for the Russian market appears network media player BBK PopcornTV

  • 2009. - The first model of LCD TV with LED-backlit LT4222HDL in

  • 2009 appears in the company's lineup . - "BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA" in the category of DVD-players (National competition "BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA")

  • 2010 - the emergence of new categories in the company's assortment: Blu-ray-players and HD-media players. Development of the portal of Russian-language Internet services MediaBar for convenient access to Internet resources from the TV screen. - release of LCD TVs with built-in HD-media player in

  • 2011. - the emergence of a new category of devices for the Russian market - MKV DVD-players of high definition in

  • 2011. - "BRAND No. 1 IN RUSSIA" in the category "DVD-players" (Annual award of popular trust "BRAND No. 1 IN RUSSIA")

  • 2011 - new lines of LED-TVs in various designs with a built-in HD-media player, DVD-player are presented and DVB-T tuner

  • 2011 - development of an intuitive user interface In'Ergo and a convenient remote control for LED TVs BBK

  • 2011. - household appliances for the kitchen (microwave ovens, multicooker, electric grills, etc.) appear in the BBK assortment in

  • 2011. - the company enters the market with DVB-T receivers in

  • 2012. - the introduction of an additional quality guarantee for BBK LED TVs - Zero Pixel certification

  • 2012. - Prize "Product of the Year 2012" in the category "Portable DVD Player" in

  • 2013. - DVB-T2 BBK receivers occupy a leading position in the Russian market

  • 2013 - another victory in the national prize "BRAND №1 IN RUSSIA" in the category "DVD-players"

  • 2013. - BBK presents on the Russian market a lineup of BBK tablet computers in

  • 2014. - the category of LED lamps BBK opens a new section of the company's assortment range - "Svetotekhnika"

BBK products include audio-video entertainment equipment, household appliances for home and kitchen, beauty and health equipment and much more. They are

  • LED LCD TVs and Smart LED TVs with built-in DVB-T2 TV tuner and Wi-Fi

  • DVD equipment (karaoke DVD players)

  • Audio equipment (active acoustics, CD-minisystems, CD- / MP3-recorders, wireless acoustics, headphones and microphones)

  • DVB-T2 receivers, phones

  • Kitchen appliances (microwave and electric ovens, refrigeration equipment, dishwashers, electric grills, meat grinders, kettles)

  • Home appliances (vacuum cleaners, irons, steamers)

  • Hair dryers, styling devices, hair clippers and etc.

Note:- If one company experiences a negative reputation, remaining will not be affected. For Ex: Maggi recently got a bad name because of objective levels of metallic lead found in it, but this did not affect the parent company nestle or it’s other sub-brands.

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