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Bentley Announces Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible Soft Top Available in All 7 Types


Bentley Motors Limited announced the new Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible on April 14, 2021.

This Continental GT Speed ​​Convertible is a high-performance version of the Continental GT Convertible. The name speed is derived from the sports car 3-liter speed that was active in the 1920s and is used in the high-performance grades of each Bentley car.

An electric roof made of fabric is used for the open-top, and if the vehicle speed is 50km / h or less, it can be opened and closed even while driving. Each opening and closing action is completed in 19 seconds.

There are seven types of soft tops, including black, blue, claret, and gray, as well as a design that adds a contemporary essence to the traditional British tweed pattern. The finish of the roof liner can be selected from all eight types such as new red and magnolia.

The soft top that folds into a compact Z shape is also characterized by high sound insulation, and noise at general cruising speed is reduced by 3 decibels compared to the conventional type. It is said to have the same indoor quietness as the previous Continental GT (coupe).

The powertrain and chassis are based on the Continental GT Speed announced on March 23, 2021. It is equipped with a 6-liter W12 turbo engine with a maximum output of 659PS and a maximum torque of 900Nm and is combined with an improved 8-stage dual-clutch AT.

The 4WD system, whose traction and torque distribution are controlled to transmit more driving force to the rear, is equipped with a four-wheel steering mechanism and eLSD (Electric Rear Differential), which is the first piece of equipment for Bentley. It has been announced that the 0-100km / h acceleration will be 3.7 seconds and the maximum speed will be 335km / h.

The interior color can be selected from 15 types of main leather and 11 types of secondary leather. The Diamond in Diamond quilted seat with Speed embroidery on the headrest is a special feature of the model, with Alcantara and leather monotone color splits available as a free option. The adoption of the "Speed" badge on the steering wheel of Alcantara and the fascia on the passenger side is also a feature of the car.

The price is 37.3 million yen. Orders have already begun in Japan, and delivery is scheduled for fall 2021 or later.

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