Best Caller ID Apps for Android


Android has a lot of applications that help to know the caller's number, but some of these applications mainly aim to steal your data. Despite the popularity of these applications, the application of Truecaller Treucaller acquires a large part of users, and it offers features that are considered the best. But it is not the only application.

And you should not try to download applications from any unknown location apart from Google Play, so as not to expose yourself to the risk of hacking and stealing user data and numbers. Therefore, today we present to you a variety of caller ID applications on Android, which are reliable applications and will not try to steal your data.

Hiya is the second most popular app in this field and it offers call control features such as blocking spam calls and blocking spam messages. The application is characterized by the following things:

  • Relying on a large database of more than 400 million phone numbers around the world, the application detects and blocks more than one billion calls per month.

  • The application blocks messages that contain viruses or malicious links.

  • You can block calls and put annoying contacts in a block list.

  • You can recover deleted numbers from the phone by searching the database across the platform.

  • Know the caller's number

This application offers a set of features in addition to identifying the caller's number, and it displays the name of the caller faster than other applications. The application provides these features in addition to knowing the caller's number:

  • Automatically record calls in an advanced way, the recording sound is clear.

  • The ability to add contact data such as social networking links and others.

  • Search for phone numbers and names via the application database.

  • The ability to set a video as the ringtone, and you can use one of the videos in the application or the video mode you want.

  • Choose various call alerts to remind you of missed calls.

  • Identify messages received from unregistered numbers through social networking applications

  • Know the caller's number

This application is distinguished by its presence on the iPhone app store along with Android, and it offers a set of features that make it easy for you to block bad and annoying calls. The application includes another set of features such as:

  • Block incoming calls from a specific area

  • Intercept calls before they reach your phone and send them to voicemail

  • Possibility to leave comments on phone numbers to alert against annoying callers.

  • Large and extensive database.

  • Great compatibility with iPhone phones and the use of all numbers available in the phone.

Of course, you can use the Truecaller application to find out the caller's number, and it is characterized by a large database that includes many numbers available locally, and this is mainly because many people rely on it.

However, the Truecaller application has some difficulties in working with iPhone phones, so you can try another application.

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