Bezos' Blue Origin completes fifth space tour

Bezos' Blue Origin completes fifth space tour
Bezos' Blue Origin completes fifth space tour

Bezos' Blue Origin successfully sent six people to suborbital space today (June 4), completing its fifth manned spaceflight mission, and in this mission, Several milestones have been achieved, such as Katya Echazarreta, a 26-year-old science evangelist who has now become the first woman born in Mexico to go into space, and the youngest American woman ever to reach space.

Blue originated at around 9:25 a.m. ET (21:25 GMT), with its New Shepard vehicle taking off from the launch site of a facility in West Texas, returning to the ground 10 minutes later, landing full of air. ground dust.

Today's flight mission is the 21st flight of Blue Origin and New Shepard, which is also the origin of the mission name NS-21. This is the company's second manned mission this year, following the March 31 NS-20.

According to reports, the NS-21 mission crew includes a number of rich people and professionals, namely:

  • Investor Evan Dick, who has already flown an NS-19

  • Katya Echazarreta, electrical engineer and former NASA test chief

  • Business jet pilot Hamish Harding

  • 28-year-old civil engineer Victor Correa Hespanha

  • Jaison Robinson, co-founder of Commercial Real Estate

  • Victor Vescovo, co-founder of private equity firm Insight Equity

Katya Echazarreta will be the first Mexican-born woman to fly into space and the youngest American female astronaut, and she also heads Space for Humanity's citizen astronaut program. Additionally, Victor Correa Hespanha will be the second Brazilian to fly into space.

Victor Vescovo Victor is not only a rich and adventurous man, but also a pilot of commercial-grade multi-engine jets and helicopters, and a certified submersible test pilot. He holds degrees from Stanford University, MIT, and Harvard Business School, and served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve for 20 years, retiring as a Commander (O-5).

He completed the "Explorer's Slam", which included summiting seven of the world's highest peaks and skiing in the North and South Pole. In 2020, he also became the first person to make multiple dives into the Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the ocean (now 12). He was the first to visit the deepest part of the five oceans and completed the deepest wreck dive ever (dive in ruined waters).

Apart from him, everyone else is an important person.

Dick Evan is an engineer, investor, and manager of Dick Holdings, LLC., and boarded NS-19 on December 11, 2021. He has served as Senior Vice President of DE Shaw and Managing Director of Highbridge Capital Management, a charitable supporter of the Darwin Foundation and Population Relief International, an ATP-level pilot and Starfighter Aerospace volunteer, and an avid Scuba diver and motorcycle racer.

Katya Echazarreta Katya was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her mission is to represent women and minorities interested in STEM fields. She is the co-host of the YouTube series "Netflix IRL" and "Electric Kat" on the CBS show "Mission Unstoppable." Katya is currently pursuing a master's degree in electrical and computer engineering at Johns Hopkins University and received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from UCLA in 2019. After graduation, she worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory for nearly four years on five NASA missions, including the Perseverance and Europa Clipper. Katya's Seat is sponsored by Space for Humanity, a nonprofit whose mission is to expand access to space for all humanity.

Hamish Harding Hamish founded and chaired Action Aviation, a business jet brokerage firm, in 2004, and is also a business jet pilot. In 2019, he and former ISS commander Colonel Terry Virts broke the world record for all aircraft flying over the North and South Pole in a Gulfstream G650ER. In addition to holding multiple aviation world records, Hamish has made two trips to the South Pole, and in 2021 dived the Challenger Abyss to a depth of 36,000 feet in a two-person submarine with Victor Vescovo. He currently lives in the United Arab Emirates with his wife, two teenage sons and two golden retrievers.

Victor Correa Hespanha Victor is a 28-year-old civil production engineer from the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil). As a child, he dreamed of being an astronaut, and now, after purchasing his first NFT, became the second Brazilian to fly into space and the world's first cryptographer to fly into space. Victor's seat is sponsored by the Crypto Space Agency, whose mission is to combine the technology of the space industry with the innovative and financial power of the crypto market to accelerate humanity's future beyond the world.

Jaison Robinson Jaison founded commercial real estate firm JJM Investments and co-founded Dream Variations Ventures (DVV) with his wife Jamie. DVV invests in tech and sports start-ups. An avid scuba diver and skydiver, he has broken the sound barrier in a Mig-29 fighter jet, hiked a week in Antarctica, and climbed the world's highest waterfall in Venezuela. He was a finalist in the 2009 class of Survivor: Samoa. Jaison earned his bachelor's degree from Stanford University, studied at Oxford University, and earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Chicago.

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