Bilibili Windows 11/10 desktop client adds video offline caching and continuous streaming

Bilibili launched Windows 11, Windows 10, and other Windows desktop clients on the official website. Unlike the Bilibili UWP version, the new client is installed in Win32 .exe format. Bag. Now, the Bilibili Windows desktop client has added a video offline caching function.

In addition, after updating to version 1.3.1, the following updates have been brought:

1. The continuous broadcast capability is newly launched: the playlist, favorites, etc. support continuous broadcast; support intelligent recommendation continuous broadcast

2. See you later Support real-time addition of videos during playback, as well as sorting, deleting, and other functions

3. Added dynamic video auto-play support switch, support main panel close and exit directly, and other personalized settings

4. Optimized other user experiences and solved some bugs~~

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