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Bill Gates: Manage foundation 'forever' with Melinda despite divorce

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (Bill Gates) said in an interview on Wednesday that although he and his ex-wife Melinda French Gates (Melinda French Gates) have divorce has been announced publicly, they will run their foundation "forever" together.

Gates announced Wednesday that he and Melinda will donate $20 billion to their foundation. Including this donation, the two have given a combined $55 billion to the foundation, making them the largest philanthropists ever. According to the Forbes Rich List, Gates has a net worth of $129 billion. After donating $20 billion, Gates will drop from fourth in the world to seventh. But Gates said he plans to give away all his wealth and disappear from the rich list.

"I think all the evidence I've seen is that we'll be able to run this foundation together forever," Gates said. "The good news is that even in the tough times of divorce, we're still able to work constructively at the foundation. Luckily, it's been over a year since the divorce. I've always been amazed that Melinda and I would be so aligned on Foundation matters. She knows better than I do on some things, We just happen to support each other."

Gates added: "She has her own mind, but everything I see says, 'Hey, we're great partners in managing the foundation, and we've always been."

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