Bitcoin will become Brazilian currency soon

Federal MP Aureo Ribeiro said that after the new law is passed, Brazilians will soon be able to buy houses, cars, and even food from McDonald's with Bitcoin. The congressman said that the commission approved a very important project for Brazil related to the crypto economy. Bill 2.303 / 15, which describes the regulation of virtual currencies, was approved on Wednesday. Now it will be discussed at a plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

He said that Brazilians are facing bitcoin in many places, being able to buy, sell and invest in the sector. However, Aureo stressed that the market is not regulated and therefore has no legal recognition. He is confident that after the approval of his groundbreaking bill, several countries will copy the Brazilian regulatory model.

Aureo Ribeiro believes that the country is becoming a benchmark for new foreign investment. At the same time, the law protects the market from financial pyramids with cryptocurrencies. The bill regulating cryptocurrencies is due to be submitted to the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies within the next few days, meaning Bitcoin could be recognized by Brazil in 2021.

According to him, the situation enjoys the support of the government and has already been agreed with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, so there are no barriers to approval.

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