Bloomberry is the official Windows 11 ice cream

Microsoft released the ISO image of Windows 11 a day ahead of schedule, and on October 5 in the US the official offline launch of the new OS took place with promotions and related support. One of these actions turned out to be very funny.

Microsoft was distributing blueberry ice cream in paper cups in New York that had the basic Windows 11 theme on it. The choice for the blueberry flavor was made in view of the similarity between the Windows 11 splash color and the ice cream itself. It's called Bloomberry, from The Bloom, the official name for the Windows 11 theme.

At the same time, on the huge screens installed in Times Square, they showed colorful animation of Windows 11. It should be noted that New York is the traditional city of the launch of the new Microsoft OS: there were promotions timed to coincide with the launch of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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