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Blue V certified Twitter Blue’s launch plan is on hold again

Musk said that Twitter would once again postpone the launch of the Twitter Blue V authentication service until the platform has the ability to solve the problem of fake accounts. This week, Musk said in an all-hands meeting with Twitter employees on the same day that the launch time of the Twitter Blue service is uncertain.

He said

We may launch next week, or we may not. But we will prevent it from happening again. Before the previous major impersonation incident, the next step will not be taken.

He also said at the meeting that the new system may also use different color checks to distinguish individuals and organizations, but he did not give details, saying only that this is still something we are considering.

Ahead of Musk's statement, the social media platform paused the relaunch of Twitter Blue. In addition, the news that it will return on November 29 has also been overturned.

According to previous reports, Twitter launched the Twitter Blue service in early November, a feature that allows users to pay for a blue check mark, which was previously only available to authenticated users. However, in its early days, the service led to a large number of pranksters creating impostors and well-known accounts on Twitter, many of which were used to impersonate well-known brands, politicians and celebrities, and send all kinds of false information. What's more, it also caused some companies' stock prices to plummet, causing chaos.


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