BMW 7 Series 2022: The new delivery is getting ready


The seventh generation of the German saloon is already on the road in Germany. Six years have passed since BMW presented the sixth generation of its most representative saloon so that it is time to think of a worthy successor that improves the current 7 Series in almost all its sections. Car and Driver media spies have just sent us some images from the vicinity of the Nürburgring in which the protagonist is a test mule with a somewhat peculiar camouflage and that only means one thing: the new installment is already underway.

Walking around Munich

Until very recently we had not had the opportunity to photograph the next generation of the German saloon, but now we are gradually learning about the secrets that the 2022 BMW 7 Series hides and that is due to the images that we have been receiving during the last months. In them, you can see a fairly disguised vehicle that carries a series of provisional panels to try to hide all its visual cues, although it can be said that the front headlights will be placed lower than in the current model, and in the rear, they may appear some pilots connected to each other by a stylized band of light.

If we look closely at the photographs, we will appreciate a series of cameras mounted on the front wings and a wide range of measurement equipment on the front of the vehicle. BMW has traditionally endowed the 7 Series with the latest technology, and it seems that from Munich they are going to apply this same formula with the seventh generation of the model. In addition, the new installment will take a further step in the search for comprehensive autonomous driving, judging by a large number of sensors and cameras used in this prototype.

Goodbye to V12

Given that the well-known and widely used BMW CLAR platform is compatible with hybrid and electric powertrains, its continuity in the new installment seems like a given, so that the 7 Series will be able to receive a wide range of mechanical options. We already know that it will have a 100% electric version and that the vigorous twelve-cylinder turbocharged block will have no place in the seventh generation. So hopefully its slot will be filled by the brand's 4.4-liter Biturbo V8 or an electrified six-cylinder in-line engine.

Everything indicates that the aforementioned ecological variant will have a configuration of two electric motors and will have at least 650 horsepower. It is unlikely that any traditional combustion mechanics will reach that figure, although the presence of an M Performance version cannot be ruled out and it seems that it would fit perfectly with the example we have in images and its four exhaust outlets.

We will see the light this year?

Production of the seventh installment could begin in July 2022, which would imply that its official presentation would take place in late 2021 or early next year.

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