BMW CE 02 electric mini bike unveiled

A week before the opening of the IAA Mobility Conference, BMW unveiled the BMW CE 02 electric mini-bike last week, which resembles the previously announced BMW CE 04 motorcycle in preparation for production.

The BMW CE 02 is designed in a minimalist style in silver and black with “techno-like typography”. The bike features a circular LED headlight, as well as a small display located on the handlebars to display various information such as speed and battery status. The company decided to display all the necessary information on the display without having to connect the motorcycle to a smartphone.

The BMW CE 02 is equipped with an 11 kW belt-driven engine that can reach a top speed of 90 km / h. Although the company did not disclose the battery capacity, it did say that a fully charged battery in the CE 02 could provide a range of 90 km. The motorcycle weighs 120 kg, which is why the manufacturer calls it a minibike.

BMW is trying to position this product as the missing link between e-scooter and motorcycles, with a focus on urban youth. Despite the fact that while this is a concept product, there is a good chance that it will be launched into mass production.

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