BMW: electric compact in 2023, new platform in 2025


The BMW brand has unveiled its new electric car strategy, targeting 10 million units on the roads in 2030. If BMW presented its results and strategies across all sectors this Wednesday, it is the electric which dominated the announcements. The first is to reiterate the desire to launch 13 models by 2023. In this batch, the German group includes the new i4 , Mini and an electric compact. The latter could be a BMW i1 in the Series 1 template.

In the medium term, in 2025, a new BMW electric platform will arrive. The Neue Klasse or New Class technical basis will be unique for all models, high performance M included. It will also have as its pillar software architecture with subsequent remote updates (and paid options), new design battery cells, as well as sustainable development over the entire life cycle. Ultimately, it looks like the Audi Artemis and Volkswagen Trinity projects , but extended across the range. BMW does not, however, give any figures for cost, range or recharging time.

With the i3 alone , BMW produced 200,000 electric vehicles on November 16, 2020. By 2025, the group plans to have 2 million units on the roads, and 10 million in 2030. This is double what it announced last September .

According to our calculations, 680,000 electric BMWs and Mini will be produced per year in 2025, 1.5 million in 2028 and 2.5 million in 2030. By this time, the Mini brand will become 100% electric .

As for BMW, thermals will quickly disappear in favor of plug-in hybrids, before giving way to electric.

Many categories may only offer electric models, says the manufacturer.

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