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BMW to Launch Hands-Off Driving System in Germany from 2024

BMW announced today that it will launch a Level Three semi-autonomous driving system in Germany from March 2024. The system, called Personal Pilot L3, will allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel and their eyes off the road for brief periods when the technology is active, in ideal conditions.

Personal Pilot L3 will be available as a €6000 option for the BMW 7 Series and i7 in Germany. The system can only be engaged on motorways at speeds up to 60km/h, and the driver must remain alert and ready to take control within a few seconds if the system requires.

BMW is the second automaker to offer a Level Three semi-autonomous driving system in Germany, following Mercedes-Benz, which launched its Drive Pilot system in May 2022. Level Three semi-autonomous driving systems are not yet approved for use on public roads in Australia.

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