BMW tries car subscription service again

Subscription-based vehicle features are one of the least popular ideas automakers have ever had, but as the industry transitions to electric vehicles and profit margins continue to decline, automakers are coming up with More ways to make money from users. BMW, which was criticized for proposing a subscription service for optional comfort features, is now trying the service again, this time in South Korea.

BMW tried and failed to get users to pay $80 a year for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Now, BMW has fully opened the vehicle function subscription service in South Korea, which is sold through an online digital center called the BMW ConnectedDrive Store, and Korean car owners will have to pay extra for many functions.

Taking a seat heating subscription as an example, car owners need to pay $18 (about 120.78 yuan) per month, $176 (about 1180.96 yuan) for one year, and $283 (about 1898.93 yuan) for three years. Or a one-time payment of $406 (about 2724.26 yuan) for permanent use. In addition, there is a steering wheel heating subscription service, which is $10 (about 67.1 yuan) per month, $92 (about 617.32 yuan) for one year, $161 (about 1080.31 yuan) for three years, and $222 (about 1489.62 yuan) for direct buyout RMB).

In addition, it will cost $304 (about 2039.84 yuan) to use Apple CarPlay permanently, while playing the enhanced engine sound through the stereo will cost $137 (about 919.27 yuan). Even driving safety aids to have subscription services, such as high-beam assist headlights that automatically brighten or dim the headlights based on traffic conditions, for $8 a month, $84 a year, three years USD 122 (approximately RMB 818.62), or USD 183 (approximately RMB 1227.93) for unlimited use.

I believe most car owners are very disgusted with such subscription services, but as the world transitions to electric vehicles, automakers will lose the profits of the previous dealer service centers, such as oil changes and routine maintenance, this business model may not Gone quickly, it's unclear if BMW intends to expand this subscription model to more regions.

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