BMW XM: The most powerful BMW has already set a date

In an era when BMW has significantly extended its SUVs, electric vehicles, and armament of BMW M sports models, the Bavarian business stunned us at the end of last year with a concept that puts all of these keys in the same pack to produce a genuine flagship of the brand. His name was BMW Concept XM, and he is a remarkable model since we discovered a model born from the ground up with the M stamp, which we had not seen since the first BMW M1.

It was a huge sports SUV with 750 horsepower plug-in hybrid mechanics and a 4.4-liter V8 Biturbo, elements that could compete with even the most expensive Porsche Cayenne. After passing as a show vehicle, BMW started showing us its production version in various tests, including the Nürburgring Nordschleife, which was neatly hidden. However, we can already confirm that the wait to finally meet him is coming to an end because BMW has finally revealed a release date that is already close: next September 27, that is, just two weeks from now, despite the fact that it is a premiere with an American time slot, which means that we will see it in Europe already with the day of September 28 has just begun.

In any case, it is not even necessary to wait that long to know its design, since some patent images have been leaked that reveal the definitive design of the BMW XM. Some images published in iXForums, as can be seen, already leave a model that does not differ much from its conceptual version, although there are important differences in the shape of the grille, somewhat smaller and squarer, and the headlights, more rectangular and with the double format already seen in models like the BMW X7.

General characteristics of the BMW XM

In fact, the model has been released a little more from its camouflage in this latest appearance to make it even clearer that it will be a model very similar to the Concept on which it is based, with an imposing appearance of a full-size SUV and full body no coupé styles here and the new optics formula already released in BMW's highest-end models such as the recently released BMW 7 Series and X7. With tires up to 23 inches, good footwear will not be lacking. The two sets of hexagonal exhaust ports in a vertical layout are definitely the most distinctive feature.

Technical specifications of the BMW XM

However, being the new flagship of M, this model will be touted as the most powerful of the house. And that their figures would be slightly reduced in comparison to the Concept. We're talking about a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines a completely new V8 gasoline engine with an electrical system to produce 650 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque. Figures that are sent to all four wheels through an M xDrive system.

It will also have an electric range of 80 km WLTP, allowing it to provide not just sporty driving but also a lot more comfortable and silent side. It will also be highly polished in terms of dynamics, due to technology such as an adaptive M Professional suspension with electronically regulated springs and dampers, an electromechanical roll stabilization system, and a unique M braking system. All of this is followed by a nearly perfect weight distribution of 50:50.

Price range and launch of the BMW XM

So, on September 28 at 12:01 p.m., BMW will finally unveil the new BMW XM. Time in Spain. A weird timeline that already indicates that it is primarily focused at the North American market and that it will serve as the finale of BMW M's 50th anniversary festivities, while manufacturing will begin in December of this year. Yes, it remains to be seen with what name it will eventually be, because although some sources claim that after this model is the BMW X8, others, including BMW, offer it for the time being with the moniker BMW XM.

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