Boston Dynamics robots will play with the children and still collect dirty laundry

Can a robot save a relationship? At Boston Dynamics, he probably thinks so. Otherwise, we can't explain why the robot should be able to jump rope or collect clothes lying around the apartment.

But now seriously. The robot company Boston Dynamics is constantly surprising with new tricks that their machines can do. Newly, it boasts of improving its probably the most popular Spot model. Its smaller version, Spotmini, surprised two years ago with a robotic arm, thanks to which it was able to open doors to itself or later to other robots or humans.

The bigger brother Spot can now boast such a robotic hand. The company immediately showed what it can do with it. In the attached video you can see how she uses it to collect various things both outdoors and indoors. There he became a helper collecting scattered laundry.

Perhaps even more fun is the part where one robot jumps over a skipping rope. After zooming out, it can be seen that the rope is not twisted by humans, but by two other Spot robots. The machine can operate a toggle switch or plant plants. Finally, he draws the company logo.

In a Boston Dynamics video said, Now that Spot has a hand in addition to legs and cameras, he can manipulate objects. He searches for and collects objects (garbage), cleans the living room, opens doors, controls switches and valves, takes care of the garden and just has fun. The company further emphasizes that the behavior presented was programmed using a new mobile manipulation API that supports autonomy and user applications.

Boston Dynamics, which a few years ago belonged to the Alphabet conglomerate (which also owns Google), moved under the wings of the well-known investment group SoftBank in 2017, so that shortly before the end of last year most of their assets would fall into the hands of Korean Hyundai. Specifically, SoftBank sold an 80% stake in Hyundai Motor. The company's price under this agreement is at the level of $ 1.1 billion. The agreement is to be completed by mid-year.

The company offers a number of different robots, with the most successful being four-legged. The company wanted to establish itself with them in the army, where they could act as universal carriers, but nothing is known about their greater deployment.

The robots are thus used mainly in industrial companies in the energy, oil and gas industries, in mining, but also in warehouses or in production.

The robotic dog - or rather a giraffe with a shoulder - is now offered commercially. It will also be possible to buy it in the Czech Republic. It is probably not surprising that the price is relatively dizzying and thus exceeds the whole platoon of human helpers in the household. The company wants around $ 75,000 for the basic version of Spot Explorer without a shoulder, which is over 1.6 million crowns with a simple transfer without customs duties and VAT.

The manufacturer's robots were also tested during a coronavirus pandemic when one of the nothing was deployed in the park, where he monitored the spacing .

As part of the celebrations of the arrival of the new year, they presented a couple of dance creations.

Schaft drew attention to himself during the DARPA Challenge robotics competition , where he advanced to the finals, but Google eventually canceled his participation.

Other models competed for the fastest possible run. The one, called WildCat, was able to run at a speed of around 30 km / h in 2012. By the way, WildCats are part of the offer for the army. The Cheetah model showed how it can adapt to different speeds.

The company also has in its portfolio humanoid robots that stand on two legs. One of them will stand even if they poke him at work.

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