Brave browser switches to its own search engine

The privacy-focused browser will reportedly offer its own search engine, Brave Search, in place of Google's search engine in the US, Canada, and the UK. In France, Qwant search will be replaced in the same way, and in Germany, the browser will no longer use DuckDuckGo. In the coming months, Brave's own search engine will replace those used now and in other countries.

As we know from experience with many browsers, the default search engine is critical to market acceptance. And Brave Search has reached the level of quality and critical mass required to become our default search option and offer our users a hassle-free, confidential online experience. - Head and founder of the company Brendan Eich (Brendan Eich)

Ike also added that Brave Search already processes up to 80 million queries per month. Also, as of September, the browser had about 40 million active users.

Search engine Brave stands out for being built on Brave's own independent web index, while many competitors rely on a mix of results from larger indexes such as Microsoft Bing. However, Brave notes that it will receive results from other sources if there are not enough of its own. The company states that its search engine does not track users, searches, or clicks.

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