Brightness Control - Brightness Scheduler: Free instead of 0.69 euros

The "Brightness Control - Brightness Scheduler" app costs 0.69 euros, but it is currently available free of charge in the Google Play Store. We'll tell you whether the download is worth it.

In the Play Store, there are regularly paid apps for a short period of time. Developers use such offers to make their applications and games better known and to attract new users. This procedure can save you a few euros.

One of these apps is "Brightness Control - Brightness Scheduler". This usually costs 0.69 euros, but you can secure the application free of charge until October 22nd. With this tool, you can configure the brightness of your display depending on the time.

Is it worth the download?

The app is actually obsolete because today almost every smartphone has integrated light sensors that automatically dim the light on your display when it gets dark. But especially when the light sensors on your cell phone are defective, you should take a look at the app.

The application is also useful if you are annoyed by the automatic brightness control of your smartphone, but do not want the display to be permanently at full brightness or completely dimmed. With this app, you have the possibility to selectively adjust the brightness to the times. You can optionally set different configurations every day of the week.

The otherwise chargeable tool was only released a few months ago and has therefore only reached a little more than 1,000 downloads. With 34 ratings in the Google Play Store, the application received 3.9 out of 5 stars. If you secure the app for brightness control during the promotional period, you can still download the app for free even if you have to pay for it again.

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